Slán, Mrs. Duggan!


The week before Midterm Break 2020 was a very special one at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain(BGS), It was filled with happy memories and a sense of a bright future ahead. Firstly, a derogation from the week’s homework was in place. Hmm! Nice! And the reason? It was the final week in the 36-year teaching career of Mrs. Bríd Duggan, BGS Principal and her outstanding enrichment of education in Cappoquin was marked and celebrated in a myriad of ways.

Starting on Monday, 19th October, at various times and on different days, following Covid-19 guidelines, representatives of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain’s Board of Management and Parents Association, Fr. Gear P.P., Fr. Arthure P.E .and Mr. Denis Ring, Principal of Blackwater Community School, Lismore, met with Mrs. Duggan to thank her for her contribution to education in Cappoquin and to wish her good health and happiness. They presented her with gifts in acknowledgement of her hard work and dedication through the years

Meanwhile at BGS, Tuesday 20th October was designated ‘Movie Afternoon’ and each class got to watch a movie in their classroom. They were bestowed with surprise treats from Mrs. Duggan which they heartily enjoyed.

Thursday 22nd October dawned sunny and dry. In compliance with HSE and DES guidelines, all students and staff gathered outdoors in the playground. In recognition of Mrs. Duggan’s continuous and superb development of music education in our school, two classes at a time entertained her with renditions of the following songs which happen to be some of her firm favourites: ‘Tomorrow’, ‘A Million Dreams’,’ Count on Me’ and a specially adapted version of ‘The Cup Song’. Mrs. Duggan then received gifts from the pupils, which encompassed a range of framed items-a poem composed by 3rd Class, lyrics of ‘The Cup Song’ adapted by 6th Class, lyrics of a whole school song ‘Go Forth With a Song’, a photo collage of students and staff of BGS, a piece of art work from Le Cheile, a bouquet of flowers and a set of books containing a personally composed message from every child in the school.

A staggered lunch break incorporating two sittings followed. This took place in the school hall which was beautifully decorated for the occasion by members of the school’s Social Committee. Mrs. Duggan was presented with gifts from the staff and she cut the specially designed cake.

Her passion for music ever to the fore, Mrs. Duggan organised an outdoor musical recital on Friday morning. The school community sang a number of songs including ‘I have a Dream’ and they were accompanied by Mrs. Duggan on piano. Later, the day came to a fitting conclusion with an announcement over the intercom calling each class in turn to the main school entrance. There stood the van of Mr. Softee! Everyone, clad in Hallowe’en costume, was treated to an ice cream, courtesy of Mrs. Duggan! Oh how we relished this treat!

At this point, it is pertinent to pay tribute to Mary McGrath, local photographer, both for her presence during Mrs. Duggan’s last days in BGS and for capturing so beautifully on camera the many magical moments and highlights that occurred at this time.

In summary, over the course of her career, Mrs. Duggan taught at all levels from Junior Infants to 6th Class in Cappoquin She worked as learning support teacher, resource teacher and shared resource teacher. She served as vice principal and in 2015 she became principal. Under her stewardship, the ASD Unit or Le Cheile came into being and this is indeed a major part of Mrs. Duggan’s legacy to the school and to education in West Waterford. Another towering part of her legacy is her impact on the development of music education both within the school and in the wider community. She has been musical director of the school choir since the eighties and under her direction, the choir has sung at celebrations of First Communion, Confirmation, at masses, concerts, Nativity plays and many more occasions.

 As the curtain falls on a long, fulfilling and action-packed career we, the entire school community say ‘mile buiochas to Mrs. Duggan for her dedication, her commitment to education, the generous sharing of her musical talent and her passion for inclusion of all in the educational community in Cappoquin. We wish her all the very best as she embarks on her next adventure. Go n-eiri go geal leat, Mrs. Duggan! 

Time does not stand still and the next chapter is already in full flight. Our new Principal, Mr. Martin Delaney arrived on Monday, 2nd November and at present, he is very actively involved in getting to know all the staff and the children. We extend a Ceád Míle Fáilte to Mr Delaney and we hope that he will be very happy here at BGS.

20th August 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope that you and your families are keeping well. As we prepare to return to school on August 26th I would like to inform you of some of the guidelines and information that will be in place to ensure a smooth return to school for pupils and staff.

  • School re-opens on Wednesday August 26th.

  • Induction of Junior Infants will take place on this day and parents will have the opportunity to meet the class teacher with their children at an appointed time.

  • Arrival/Departure from School – During current circumstances there will be no assembly in the morning in the school yard. Pupils are asked to go to their classrooms immediately on arrival.

  • Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and 5th Class will enter and exit the school building via the main front door.

  • 2nd Class, 3rd Class, 4th Class and 6th Class will enter and exit their classrooms via each class side door.

  • Other staff members (including Special Education Teachers, SNAs and the Principal) will be available outside and inside the school building to receive the pupils and help them to their classrooms.

  • At home time class teachers/SNAs will walk pupils to the school gate and parents are asked to wait in their car until they see their child to avoid congregating at the gate.

  • Staggering of pupils leaving the school will be necessary for social distancing and groups will commence leaving their classrooms at 2:35pm.

Bus Eireann will have contacted any of you availing of bus transport. Anyone using the bus must sit beside a sibling or someone in their class bubble at all times.

  • Break Times – Break times will be staggered. The school yard has been divided into four zones

  • Yard Supervision – a rota will be organised based on class bubbles and the SET’s allocated to these classes.
    Classes:- Junior Infants, 1st Class, 3rd Class and 5th Class will be on yard at the same time and teachers allocated to these classes work together.

Similarly, Senior Infants, 2nd Class, 4th Class and 6th Class will be on yard at the same time and their teachers will work together regarding supervision.

The DES guidelines state that the risk of transmission from contact with outside surfaces or play areas is low.


  • School Uniform – Pupils are asked to wear their school uniform on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. School tracksuit on Tuesday and Thursday. As a school we strongly advise that children should wear their school uniforms or tracksuits only for school related activities. Uniforms/tracksuits should be taken off straight after the child arrives home from school. They should not be worn in after school facilities, shops etc.


  • Changes to Classroom / School Layout – The DES guidelines recognise that a common sense approach is needed in our Primary Schools. To that end, every effort will be made to limit interaction within classrooms, to limit contact between class groups and to limit the sharing of common facilities. The children and their teachers will work in Class Bubbles. A Class Bubble is a grouping which stays apart from other classes as much as possible. The aim of the system within the school is that class groupings mix only with their own class from arrival at school in the morning until the children go home at the end of the school day.

  • Primary School Pupils are not required to wear face coverings. School staff will wear masks or visors in school. There will be sanitising stations in each classroom and throughout the school. Hot water is available in all classrooms and bathrooms. Each pupil will be provided with a plastic container and lid where their books, pencil case etc can be kept. The box will be wiped down each evening as will desks, chairs, surfaces, door handles, window handles and light switches. There will be regular cleaning of touched surfaces and emptying of bins. We ask that pupils have a pencil case that can be kept in school and a separate pencil case for home use.


  • Induction /Training – During the first three days of school pupils will be informed and trained regarding the expectations around hand hygiene, cough etiquette, class rules and yard rules. Pupils /staff who feel unwell will have access to an isolation room. Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately if their child feels unwell. Parents/Guardians are asked to support the school in reinforcing rules re hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

  • Team Teaching/Special Education Teachers/Special Needs Assistants – Staff members (particularly SET and SNAs) can rotate between areas/classes but this will be minimised where possible. When rotation occurs, agreed sanitising routines will be observed.

In keeping with our Special Education policy, learning support will be provided by a blended approach of in-class support and withdrawal. The provision of support will be organised to ensure our support teachers will work as far as possible, within the confines of a bubble.

  • Where a support teacher is working alongside a class teacher in a classroom, both teachers must be mindful of maintaining social distance form one another.

  • The tables and chairs in SET rooms will be wiped clean in between different pupils or small groups attending.

  • Junior Infants to Second Class – it is recognised that younger children are unlikely to maintain physical distancing indoors so there is no requirement for children from Junior Infants to Second Class to maintain a physical distance with their bubble.

  • Third Class to Sixth Class – Children from Third to Sixth Class will work within their Class Bubbles. All unnecessary furniture will be removed from these classrooms to create as much space as possible.

  • Corridors – Briefly passing someone in a hall is very unlikely to contribute significantly to the spread of infection if people do not have physical contact and avoid informal group discussions.

  • Additional Measures to limit Interactions – Children will go straight to their classrooms from the yard and will not congregate in the corridors or hallways. While we will all be delighted to see each other again, hand shaking and hugging will not be allowed.

  • Doors and Windows – Where practical, all internal doors will be left open to minimise hand contact with common surfaces. To ensure that classrooms are well ventilated, windows will be kept open as often as possible, and will be opened while children are taking breaks in the playground.

  • Lunches – Parents must make sure that children bring their lunches to school to avoid adults having to come to the school during the day. Please remind your children not to share their food or drinks with other children. Children will eat their lunches at their desk, as per our usual practice. NB – A lunch box will need to be cleaned every evening as the virus can last longer on hard surfaces.

  • Teaching and Learning – As a staff, we are very aware that the children have been away from school since March 12th. We appreciate the time and effort that went into Home Learning, and we recognise the challenges that Home Learning presented for all families.

Each child will be in a different place in relation to his/her learning, and we wish to assure you that staff will take that into consideration when planning as we work with all the children during the return to school.

  • Wellbeing of the School Community – We will work to support the wellbeing of all our pupils and staff. Our usual practice is to provide support to pupils based on what is known as the Continuum of Support. This is a tiered system that provides Whole School and Classroom Support plus extra targeted intervention for a few pupils with complex needs.

  • The use of personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – PPE will need to be used due to the nature of certain work activities or work areas. This might include roles such as:-

  • Assisting with intimate care needs

  • Where a suspected case of COVID-19 is identified while the school is in operation

  • Where staff are particularly vulnerable to infection but are not on the list of those categorised as people in very high-risk groups or may be living with those who are in the very high-risk category

  • When staff members have to move between classes to support children with learning needs.


Appropriate PPE will be available for dealing with suspected COVID-19 cases, intimate care needs and for first aid. Where staff provide healthcare to children with medical needs in the school environment, they will apply standard precautions as per usual.

  • Gloves – Staff members do not need to wear disposable gloves unless they are looking after a pupil’s intimate care needs or administering First Aid. There will be an emphasis on hand hygiene rather than on wearing of disposable gloves.

  • Illness and Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID -19 – We love to see all of our children at school every day. However, under the current circumstances, parents/guardians must keep children at home if they display any COVID-19 Symptoms.


Staff must not attend school if they display any symptoms.

A designated isolation area has been agreed upon.

If a staff member/pupil displays symptoms of COVID-19 while at school, the following procedure will be implemented.

  • The pupils will be accompanied to the isolation area. A distance of 2 metres will be maintained. If this is not possible, the person accompanying the child must wear a face covering.

  • If a pupil has a suspected case, parents/guardians will be contacted immediately by telephone. To help us in this regard, parents are asked to make sure that their contact details are kept up to date at all times.

  • Staff members who are symptomatic should immediately inform the Principal/Deputy principal and go to the isolation area.

  • A face covering will be provided to the staff member /child who is symptomatic

  • The staff member or child who is symptomatic should avoid touching people, surfaces and objects.

  • If the staff member/child is well enough to go home, arrangements will be made for them to be transported home by a family member as soon as possible.

  • Anyone who is symptomatic is advised to inform their general practitioner by phone of their symptoms. Public transport of any kind should not be used to travel home.

  • The isolation area and work areas will be thoroughly cleaned in line with the guidelines.

The HSE will inform any staff/parents who have come into close contact with a diagnosed case via the contract tracing process. The HSE will contact all relevant persons where a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made. The instructions of the HSE should be followed and staff and pupil confidentiality is essential at all times.

The HSE will provide guidance on whether a class must be sent home to isolate or just individual children – this is still a wait and see situation.


It is important to remember that any of us can get sick or unwell, and if we do, we need understanding and support from those around us. It is essential that anyone who feels unwell makes that known to Principal/Deputy Principal as soon as possible.

  • COVID-19 Related Absence Management – COVID-19 related absences will be managed in line with agreed procedures with the Department of Education.

  • Teacher or SNA Absence and Substitution – If a teacher/SNA is unable to attend school, every effort will be made to secure a substitute teacher/SNA for the class/pupil. If a substitute teacher/SNA is not available, it is not appropriate for the class/pupil to be divided into groups and accommodated in other classes. SET teacher may have to step in to teach the class

Most importantly, if we can keep COVID-19 out of our community we have a chance of the school staying open. As classes won’t be mixing at all during the day, either at break times or training, it would be preferable if they didn’t mix after school either. Otherwise the School Plan to keep our school open won’t work.

  • Office – A contactless payment system is being set up to minimise the amount of cash that needs to be handled. Parents/Guardians are asked to cooperate in helping to keep school safe by arranging for contactless payments through the school office. You will get details in the next week on this.

  • Physical Education and PE Equipment – Physical Education lessons will take place outside when the weather allows and equipment will be sanitised regularly.

  • Parent/Teacher Meetings – We will assess the situation closer to the time.

  • Return to work – all school staff will be asked to complete a Return to Work Questionnaire. Lead Worker Representatives and Deputy Lead Worker Representatives will be put in place. Risk Assessment documents have been put in place and the schools Covid Response policy. All of these documents will be available on the school website shortly. A school contact tracing log will be in place.

  • Attendance – School attendance will be taken each morning via the Aladdin system. Pupils leaving during the school day will have to be signed out as usual by Parent/Guardians.



We hope the above information clarifies our re-opening procedures. As a school we will work diligently to ensure a smooth and safe reopening on August 26th. We will do our very best to address any concerns you may have. A smooth return involves each and everyone of us working together for the good of our pupils. This has always been our school motto “Ní neart go cur le chéile”.

We look forward to welcoming all of our pupils and school community back on Wednesday August 26th.


Yours sincerely,


Bríd Duggan – School Principal                 

5th Class pupils celebrating "Grandparents Day" with their Grandparents on Thursday January 30th 2020.

Pupils wearing Red & Black to School in support of the Cappoquin Senior Camogie Team who play Gaultier in the County Final on Saturday October 12th.  Best of luck girls!!

Christmas Newsletter 2018

It has been a busy first term for pupils and staff of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.  Here is a brief outline of many of the extra activities that have been happening during this term.

School Closures for Christmas

School will close for the Christmas Holidays on Friday December 21st.  School will re-open on Monday January 7th 2019.

Christmas Celebrations

All pupils celebrated the birth of Jesus in song and story in the Parish Church on Wednesday December 12th.  Family members joined with us in the festive celebrations.

The school choir will sing at Christmas Day Mass at 11:30am in St Mary's parish Church.

School Choir are very busy at the moment preparing their songs for the Peace Proms which takes place in Waterford Institute of Technology in February 2019.

Sale of Work

The Parents Committee would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all who supported the School with our Annual Sale of Work.  To each and every one of our families and sponsors, thank you.  We called on many people to help with various jobs, and received fantastic support.  The generosity of all is very much appreciated.

Mini Sale of Work

In keeping with tradition, pupils from 6th class organised a very successful mini Sale of Work in the school for all pupils.  Proceeds of which were put towards the organising of the main Sale of Work. This years mini Sale was hugely enjoyable - bargains were snapped up quickly and the home baking of 6th class pupils was simply delicious.

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Well done to pupils in all classes and their families who prepared and donated a shoebox full of interesting and useful items to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.  The shoeboxes were handed to local organiser, Carmel Kelleher in the school in November

Credit Union Art Competition

This year our school did extremely well at the Credit Union Art Competition with a very high standard of art work.  Congratulations to the following:-

  • ​Billy Morris

  • Diarmuid Murphy

  • Max Quilty

  • Tiernan Mulcahy

  • Eve O'Connell

  • Riccardo Sacco

  • Ava Byrne

  • Charlie Murphy

  • Donnacha Prendergast

  • Jack Twomey

  • Nicole Reszel

  • Liam O'Donnell

  • Ariel Kugel Baumann

  • Cormac McGrath

Science/Maths Week

Science Week and Maths Week were both marked in the school with exciting experiments, discoveries and Maths challenges taking place.

Wear Red to School Day

Pupils in all classes wore red to school on Friday last December 14th.  This was a fundraiser for the Dungarvan Lions Club as part of their Christmas appeal.

Maxi Zoo

On Friday December 14th we had a visit from Emma in Maxi Zoo.  Emma spoke to pupils in all classes and gave great tips on the care of domestic animals.  Emma brought a beautiful pet rabbit with her for the children to see.

Food Dudes

Junior classes in the school participated in the Food Dudes Programme which was co-ordinated by 4th class pupils. Pupils enjoyed eating free samples of fruit and vegetables every day and they also loved the lovely prizes they received for doing so.  We encourage healthy lunches at all times in Cappoquin Primary School.


The boys and girls participated in Mini-7's football in Tallow.  All classes have been participating in coaching sessions in Gaelic football from the Waterford GAA coach Barry Dunne this month.  We thank our Cólaiste Cathal Naofa coaches for providing coaching sessions in Spikeball and soccer.  

The Fundamental Movement Skills which we have been working on in PE are dodging and balancing.  4th class have been engaging in swimming lessons in The Park Hotel over the past six weeks which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Place Names Project

5th class have been researching their place names in Cappoquin. This is a project organised by Waterford County Council. A local Artist, Ciara Gormley is helping the class to design pieces of art to represent their place names and we thank Kevin McCarthy for visiting the class to provide more information on the local place names.

Term 2

In term 2 we are looking forward to taking part in the following activities:_

  • Peace Proms

  • Gymnastics

  • Sacrament of Confirmation

The first important event of 2019 will be a visit to the school from Zeeko who provide Internet Safety Workshops.  A full day day seminar will take place in our school on Monday January 14th. Talk will be for pupils, parents and teachers.  topics covered include:-

  • Cyberbullying

  • Digital Footprint

  • Excessive Screen time

  • Inappropriate Content

  • Strangers Online

  • Social media, Apps and Online Games

This is an important talk for both pupils and their parents highlighting the importance of monitoring and being aware of on-line activities that pupils are engaging in and keeping our children internet safe.  We urge as many parents as possible to attend this talk. 

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhlian faoi mhaise daoibh go léir.  

From all the staff of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin, Cappoquin

October Newsletter 2018







Mid Term Break

Mid Term Break runs from Monday October 29th to Friday November 2nd (inclusive).  School will close this Friday October 26th at the usual times.  School will re-open on Monday November 5th.


  • Confirmation is on Wednesday April 10th

  • First Holy Communion is on Saturday May 11th


The fundamental movement skills are being taught in Physical Education to give the pupils the skills to continue in physical activity throughout their lives.  The skills of walking, running and bouncing/dribbling a ball with the hand have covered so far this term.

Le Chéile classes have just finished swimming lessons in Youghal.  4th class will be starting swimming lessons in the Park Hotel in Dungarvan after the Mid Term break.

Coaches from Colaiste Cathal Naofa, Dungaravan have begun soccer sessions with classes as part of the PE programme.

A good number of athletes from the school participated in the Primary Athletics Cross Country Sports in the Friary on Friday September 21st with good success achieved.

The boys and girls football teams both qualified for the Roinn A shield football finals which were held in Dungarvan GAA grounds on Saturday October 20th.

Active Schools

Our aim this year is to keep active as much as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our active school committee had a meeting at the beginning or the year to discuss new initiatives for the coming school year.  We have welcomed three new and enthusiastic members to our committee this year.  We are continuing to present certificates to two active pupils weekly (one Junior and one Senior) to recognise the effort put in by pupils.  We have also started to include active homework every Thursday, a fantastic effort has been put in by all the pupils.

We took part in the Active Schools European Challenge (Tour of Europe) during 24th - 28th September.  Each class ran slí na sláinte daily and recorded the laps completed.  It was a great effort by all classes and teachers.  Well done to all involved!!

1st - 4th class took part in Zumba lessons in September,which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Our annual witches walk is coming up on October 26th.  Every pupil has the option of dressing up to participate in our witches walk. It is our third year of running this initiative.  It encourages our aim of being active and also allows the children some time to chat to their friends.  It is always a very successful and enjoyable day.

School Choir

Pupils from 3rd - 6th class are invited to join the school choir. This year our pupils from 4th - 6th class will take part in the Peace Proms.  This will take place in Waterford in February and practice has already begun for same.

                               Choir Members who will be taking part in The Peace Proms

Credit Union Art Poster Competition

Perhaps it was the theme - "The Force of Nature" that attracted our pupils, In any case, a record number of entries were submitted for the annual Credit Union Art Poster Competition.  Best of luck to all entrants.

Sale of Work / Parents Committee

This year our annual Sale of Work will take lace on Sunday November 25th in the school hall.  Our parents committee are already hard at work in their preparations.  We ask you to start gathering toys, books etc (all in good condition), more details will follow after Mid Term break.

We thank our Junior Infant parents for voting parent reps onto the Parents Committee.

Parents Committee for 2018/2019 is as follows:-

Chairperson:    Tony O'Donnell

Secretary:         Phaedra Begley

Treasurer:         Eda Costin

Committee Members:

Liam Lacey, Denise Meaney, PJ Brennan, Shane Coughlan, Geraldine Rooney, Jimmy Collender, Michael Morris, Aisling Ferguson, Keith Lenane, Trevor Mason, Elaine Singleton, Bill Garvey and Angela Wilkinson.

Team Hope Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

We have asked all pupils to participate in the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal this year, please return filled shoe boxes immediately after Mid Term break.  For further information on what goes into shoeboxes and where they go please visit Team Hope website on

Green Schools

This year we are working to achieve our fifth Green Flag for biodiversity.  Our aim is to increase the awareness of the importance of biodiversity and for students and staff to come up with ways to help biodiversity.  The children have been learning about a variety of plants and animals, native and invasive species, habitats and eco-systems.  Children from junior Infants to 4th class will be participating in The Great Plant Hunt programme after Halloween.

In term 3 of last year work began on our school garden.  Raised beds were built and filled with soil, a site was cleared for our wildflower area.  6th class pupils painted pallets which were mounted on the railing and they will be used as planting boxes for herbs and strawberries this year.  5th class also used pallets to build a Bug hotel.  the children brought in old wellies which we recycled and used to plant some colourful bedding plants.  Junior Infants took part in the Incredible Edibles initiative where they planted a variety of fruit and vegetables.  There are currently 3 raised beds in our school garden.  A vegetable bed, a flower bed and what we call our butterfly and bumblebee B&B which is full of flowers that are good to attract this kind of wildlife. We held a Biodiversity action day where the children took part in quizzes, scavenger hunts, observational drawing, making butterfly feeders, Ipad photo hunts for species and plants to name a few.

This week we celebrated Climate Action Week where the children will spend time in the garden weeding and planting and litter picking in the school grounds.  Climate Action Week is a great opportunity to get outdoors, to appreciate your local environment and plant some trees or spread some wildflower seeds for the bees and butterflies.






Clothes Collection

School is holding a used clothes collection on Tuesday November 6th.  Bags of clothes can be dropped to the school anytime before that date.

School Photographer

School photographer, William Whyte photographed all Junior Infants and their siblings in the school recently.  These photographs will be available to view after the Mid term break, strictly no obligation to purchase.

Maths Week

Maths week ran from Monday October 15th Friday 19th October.  Maths lessons followed a different format with games and challenges replacing pencil and paper.  Some of the initiatives included Maths trails,Maths stations and fun games.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Parent/Teacher meetings for Ms. Feeneys class will be held on 6th, 7th and 8th of November. Parent/Teacher meetings for all other classes will be held on 20th, 21st and 22nd November.


it is the time of year for fun, spooks and mystery and it was aptly celebrated in our school.  On Friday October 26th, the customary uniform of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, all classrooms were inhabited by a myriad of strange and wonderful creatures ranging from witches and wizards to cats and skeletons.  A large number of pupils took part in our "Build a Scarecrow" competition, entries were fantastic and the judges had a really difficult job.  Pupils also had great fun today doing the Witches Walk.  We wish everyone a Happy and safe Halloween.


The pupils in Senior Infants and 6th Class under the direction of their teachers Mrs. Price and Ms. Feeney, have begun taking part in a Shared Reading Programme.  It is hoped that through participation in the programme the children will develop a deep and lifelong interest in reading.

School closing for Christmas Holidays on Friday December 22nd at 12:00pm.  School will re-open on Monday January 8th.  On behalf of the pupils, staff and the entire school community in Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain, we wish you all a very happy Christmas and every good wish for 2018.

Christmas News 2017

On Thursday December 21st our school celebration will take place in St. Mary's Church Cappoquin at 7:00pm.  This will include songs, poems, Nativity from 2nd class and the school choir.

Staff and pupils of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin would like to ask for your help on the night to raise money for the baby Emily fund. Baby Emily Byrne is 6 months old and she has been very sick since she was born.  She is now waiting for a liver transplant.  The Byrne family have been generous to the school in the past in donating the proceeds of the Helen O'Byrne memorial walk.  This is our opportunity to give something back to the family.  We ask if you could make a donation on the night of the Nativity to the fund, whatever the amount big or small, it will help the cause in the spirit of Children helping Children.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our pupils, parents/guardians and school community for all of your co-operation and support during a very busy 1st term in Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.

A very special word of thanks to our hard working parents committee for their commitment and support to our school and for the 50th anniversary Sale of Work which was an outstanding success.

Thank you to the Board of Management of our school for their dedication and hard work in the running of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.

A special word of thanks of Fr. Gear and Fr. Arthure for their school visits.

Our new building is almost ready and we look forward to opening it early in 2018.  A member of the parents committee, Tony O'Donnell has constructed a model of our school.  This art piece has been donated to the school by Tony and you will have an opportunity to see this unique creation early in the New year.

Nollaig shona and Athbhlian faoi mhaise daoibh go léir.

Fr. Arthure winner of the Hamper at the Sale of Work, re-gifted it to the school to be raffled on Friday December 1st.   

Prize winners are pictured below:-















50th Anniversary Sale of Work

The 50th Sale of Work organised by the Parents committee was a wonderful success on Sunday November 26th.  Santa's grotto was a winter wonderland and there were lots of smiling children delighted to meet the man himself and to receive a gift from Santa's sack.

Delicious cakes and treats were available to all in the hall with a well earned cuppa.

All of the stalls were doing wonderful business with of course the Spinner being the main attraction.  The attention to detail by the Parents Committee of the school is second to none as was demonstrated by the efficient way in which the Sale of Work was run.

School Principal Bríd Duggan gave a brief history of the Sale of Work, the idea of Sr. de Lourdes R.I.P. fifty years ago and how it has gone from strength to strength each year a s the ,an fund-raiser for the school.  She said that "The parents of our school are central to the Sale of Work and the continuous hard work of the Parents Committee is the back bone of this very successful venture each year.  One person that has been with us over the 50 years in charge of the Spinner deserves a special mention, Noel Mason, who has given of his time to spin the wheel for half a century".

Tributes were also paid to Kevin McCarthy and James & Marie Morrissey for their loyalty and commitment to our school.

Chairperson of the Board of Management, Denis McCarthy paid tribute to everyone concerned with the Sale of Work over the years and thanked the teaching and ancillary staff for their hard work in ensuring the education and well-being of the pupils of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain.

Some presentations were made on behalf of the school and the Parents Committee.  Debbie Curtin, chairperson of the Parents committee presented Noel mason with a piece of crystal with a spinner as its centre piece.  Deputy Principal, James Casey presented Noel with a plaque to celebrate his 50 years of service.

Presentations were also made to Kevin McCarthy and James & Marie Morrissey for their outstanding service to the school.

Brid Duggan thanked all who supported the Sale of Work with a special word of thanks to Kellehers Super Valu who have sponsored each year the main prize of a fantastic €500 shopping voucher. This is very much appreciated by the school and the parents committee.

Finally a beautiful cake was presented to mark the 50th anniversary.  this master piece was created by Barrons Coffee House and Bakery.  A very special word of thanks to Aofie and Emma of Barrons for the donation of this delicious cake for the occasion.  The cake was cut by Noel Mason, his grandchildren Darragh and Clodagh and Debbie Curtin.  

The raffle then took place and winners were as follows:-

  • Super Valu €500 shopping Voucher - Ann Kiely, Green Street.

  • Christmas Hamper - Fr. Arthure

  • Meal for 2 in Richmond House - Iarlaith Byrne

  • Fuel Voucher - Ellen Meaney

  • €50 Toymaster Voucher - Kate Coughlan

  • Wine Hamper - Shannon Browne

  • Bottle of Spirits/Tin of Biscuits - Shauna Power

  • Lena's Christmas Cake - Virginia Dransfield

  • One-for-all Voucher - Robbie Power

Sale of Work Art Competition Prize Winners

  • Junior Infants - Alisha O'Donnell

  • Senior Infants - Sophie Uniacke/ Donnacha Prendergast

  • 1st Class - Fionn O'Connor / Charlie Murphy

  • 2nd Class - Annie Uniacke

  • 3rd Class - Stanka Dudek

  • 4th Class - Katie Kenrick

  • 5th Class - Kevin Curran

  • 6th Class - Abbie Prendergast

Overall winners Dobromilia Jozwiak (3rd Class) and April Curtin (1st Class)

Míle Buíochas from all in Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin, Cappoquin

October Mid Term Round Up

We welcome our 22 new Junior Infants to our school:  Daithí Ferguson, Cailean Nixon, Kain Keniry, Anna O'Keeffe, CJ Uniacke, Abbie O'Keeffe, Alisha O'Donnell, AJ Ormond, Amelie Miles, Tadhg McLaughlin, Krzesimir Jozwiak, Ellie Lenane, Oisin Prendergast, Sophie O'rourke, Chloe Landers, Melody Mooney, Cavian Shoa Hassani, Kassie Kavanagh, Lily Quann, Patrick Cash and Tiernan Mulcahy.

We wish a very warm welcome also to the following pupils who have joined our school:

Thea Thompson, Maxwell Thompsom and Dobromila Jozwiak.

The school extends a warm welcome to new staff members:-

Teachers:  Ms. Ní Chuirrín, Mrs. Scanlan and Mrs. Hogan

SNA: John Twomey

Ancillary Staff:  Janice Barry

Parents Committee

A sincere thank you to two very committed members leaving the Parents Committee this year.  We thank Mark Mason and Kitty McCarthy for their outstanding work.  We welcome newly elected parents:-

Aisling Ferguson, Keith Lenane, Eda Costin and Liam Lacey.

School Timetable

In accordance with Insurance Company regulations  every Primary School must notify parents regarding the official timetable each year.We draw the attention of all parents/guardians to the school's opening and closing times.

  • 1st - 6th Class 9.05am - 2.45pm

  • Junior & Senior Infants 9.05am - 1.45pm​

Junior & Senior Infants are accompanied to side gate by class teachers and SNA's at 1.45pm.  Occasionally a parent may request another parents/relative to collect a child from the school.  this change must be conveyed in writing to each child's class teacher.  Please note as schools are not insured to receive pupils in advance of the official opening time, we ask that parents dropping children to school to please do so as near as possible to 9.05am.


Under the Education Welfare Act the school must inform an Education Welfare  Officer is a child misses 20 days or more in the school year.  Due to these regulations parents are asked to record the reason for child's absence at the back of the child's homework diary.  As Junior & Senior Infants doe not use a homework diary, parents are asked to send in a written note to their class teacher.

The roll is called in each class at 10.00am each day and your child must be present at this time to be marked in.  If a child has an appointment in the morning and will miss the roll call time, we ask you to please send a note to the school in advance informing the class teacher.

School/Home Contact

Contact between home and school is very important.  Formal parent/teacher meetings will take place in Mid November.  If a parents wishes to meet a teacher at any other time please write a note to the class teacher.  

All parents who wish to to collect a child early must sign child out at Office.

School Uniform

All pupils are asked to wear full school uniform ie crested jumper, navy skirt/pinafore, school shirt, school tie and navy school pants.  Pupils are asked not to wear tracksuit pants in lieu of school uniform pants.  

Code of Behaviour & Discipline

Every member of the school community has a role to play in the implementation of the School's Code of Behaviour & Discipline. Our emphasis is on promoting positive behaviour and instilling a sense of respect in our school culture which leads to a safe and nurturing learning environment for all our pupils.

Healthy Lunch Policy

Our school is committed to promoting healthy lunches.  No chewing gum, crisps, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks please.  Our school is also a Nut Free zone, no nuts or nut-related foods allowed.


Pupils from 3rd - 6th class are encouraged to join the school choir.  Choir practice takes place weekly.

Saving Stamps

Pupils may purchase €1 An Post Saving stamps in the school.  this is a very successful venture between the school and the local Post Office and we actively encourage regular savings.


Thank you too all who supported and took part in the Helen O'Byrne memorial walk.  The school held a non uniform day to coincide with the walk.  Thank you to the family of the late Helen O'Byrne for their kind donation of the proceeds of this years walk.


Lots of new equipment has been purchased to facilitate the Aistear Programme in Junior and Senior Infants.  This was funded from the proceeds of the sponsored walk.  Aistear is the national curriculum framework for the education and care of children from birth to six years in Ireland.  

Junior Infants September 2017.

National Tree Day and Biodiversity

Thursday October 5th was designated Tetra Tree Day. Throughout the morning, all classes participated in a variety of tree-themed activities, involving identification of trees in the school grounds.  They were to be seen observing the leaves and tree shapes.  The children became aware of the diversity of trees on the school terraine.  To add to the tree population, the Green Schools Committee marked the day by planting a tree and they are busy getting ideas together for our school sensory garden including an insect hotel and raised beds.  Planting of Spring bulbs took place in Senior Infants and species surveys will be carried out by the children next month.  Each class has been given a species log book to record any sightings around the school

We are currently working on achieving our Green Flag for Biodiversity.  We hope to identify and investigate biodiversity in our school environment and to help preserve and enhance biodiversity in our school.  Each class went on a nature trail around the school to learn about native Irish trees.

School re-opens for the School Year 2017/2018 on Wednesday 30th August 2017.

School News

Open Morning

A well attended Open Morning took place on April 1st in the school.  This was an opportunity for the parents of Incoming Junior Infant children to visit the school, to meet teachers and to learn about life in the Junior Infant classroom.

Tractor Run

A huge thank you to the organisers of our recent Tractor Run.  Melleray Vintage club pulled out all the stops to ensure that everything ran smoothly.  Tractors, vintage cares and motor bikes, decorated with blue balloons travelled the route to Tallow and returned to the school for refreshments, a raffle and auction.  A sincere thank you to the organising committee and to the schools Parents Committee for ensuring the success of this event,  first for our school.  Also we wish to thank the Mangan family for allowing the proceeds of this memorial tractor run to go to our ASD unit.

Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week was marked in the school.  In every class throughout the school, aspects of bullying were highlighted and discusses.  These included cyber bullying and bullying conducted on mobile phones.  Pupils were encouraged to design posters to promote the concept of anti-bullying.  This resulted in a very productive display of the pupils's work.

New Building

The extension to the school building, which began in March, is progressing nicely and the school community has adapted well to the sight and sound of diggers.

Active Schools

We received a visit from Mr. Tom Lannigan in March in relation to our Active Schools process. He was treated to a great array of physical activities on the day as well as meeting our Actiive Schools committee.  he was very impressed with the level of physical activity in our whole school community and as a result the school has been rewarded with our 1st Active Flag.

Donation to School

Thank you to Mark Mason for his sponsorship of red T Shirts for our schools athletic teams .  it is much appreciated.

Open morning for Incoming pupils takes place on Saturday April 1st at 10.00am.

Tractor Run in aid of ASD unit takes place on Sunday April 2nd.

Spring Newsletter 2017

(Photographs in Gallery Section of this Website)

All pupils have settled back well into the new term of 2017.

It has been a busy half term. Here is a snap shot of what's been happening in our school since January.

Recent Fund Raisers

Sale of Work

A word of sincere thanks to our hardworking parents committee for organising the annual Christmas Sale of Work.  As always, the Sale proved to be a great success. The proceeds were recently presented tot he school by Denise Meaney, Treasurer of the Parents Committee.

Ladder Climb

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Capoquin Fire Brigade for organising a ladder climb before Christmas with some of the proceeds in aid of our school.

Valentines Dance

Finally we say a míle buíochas to the organisers of the Valentine's Dance which was held in Cappoquin Community Centre on Saturday February 11th.  their donation to the ASD unit at Cappoquin Primary School is very much appreciated.

Forthcoming Fund Raisers

Tractor Run on Sunday April 2nd kindly organised by Melleray Vintage Club.

Catholic Schools Week

During Catholic Schools Week, a celebration for and of grandparents took place.  5th class pupils invited their grandparents to the school. A prayer service led by Fr. Gear took place.  In addition, there was an interesting question and answer session and the visit of the Grandparents ended with a welcome cup of tea and light refreshments.

Green Schools Flag

The Green Schools Committee, under the direction of Ms. Moore, is working hard to ensure the achievement of our 5th Green Flag.  Work for the 5th flag centres around the theme of biodiversity.  All pupils are busy bees writing or composing a song, rap or slogan about biodiversity.  This is a whole school competition to raise awareness about biodiversity.  The winning entry will be announced after midterm.


The whole school choir and the "tin whistlers" are busy practising tunes and melodies.  Both groups are preparing for performances on St. Patrick's Day and the choir is also busy rehearsing they hymns for the Confirmation Mass.



Pupils in the Le Chéile Classes have enjoyed a 4 week block of swimming lessons during this term at the Aura Leisure Centre, Youghal.


All classes in the school have been engaging in gymnastic lessons for the past 6 weeks.  All  pupils have shown great progression under the instruction of Kenny and Mikey.

Tag Rugby

We thank our Coláiste Cahtal Naofa coaches foe the 5 week block of Tag Rugby sessions.

Active Schools

Our Active School progress is continuing and all classes in the school have been engaging in walking and running exercises on our Slí na Sláinte at break times and during class time.  The benefits of our  increasing exercise levels are clear for pupils, staff and parents to see..

Operation Transformation

On Friday February 10th the whole school took part in the Nationwide Initiative for Operation Transformation 10 minutes of exercise at 10am.  All classes and staff performed among other exercises, star jumps, shadow boxing and everyone finished with the Dab!! We thank Ray and Mark McConnell who visited on the day to help promote fitness and healthy living.

Lunch time Training

The boys and girls school camogie and hurling panels are busy training in preparation for school games under the direction of Ms. Feeney and Mr. Casey. All classes will be engaging in hurling lessons with Colaiste Cathal Naofa coaches starting the week of March 8th.

Health & Safety

A successful Fire Drill took place in the school during the month of January. There was also defibrillator refresher raining for staff.

Enrolments 2017

Enrolment forms have now been sent out.  We look forward to meeting the new entrants at the open morning on Saturday April 1st.

Christmas Newsletter 2016

School will close for Christmas Holidays on Thursday December 22nd at 12.00pm. School will re-open on Monday January 9th 2017.

All pupils will celebrate the birth of Jesus in song and story in the school hall on Friday 16th December at 11.30am

The school choir will perform at the Annual Carol Service in the Church on Friday 16th December at 7.00pm. They will be accompanied by the Cappoquin Youth Choir.

Sale of Work 2016

The parents committee would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all who supported the School with our annual Sale of Work.  To each and every one of our sponsors, thank you.  We called on many people to help with various jobs, and received fantastic support.  The generosity of all is very much appreciated and we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.

Mini Sale of Work

In keeping with tradition, pupils from 6th class organized  very successful mini Sale of Work in the school for all pupils.  Proceeds of which were put towards the organising of the main Sale of Work.  This years Mini Sale was hugely enjoyable.


The Christmas holidays give a much needed opportunity to put the feet up and recharge the batteries after a busy term in sport.  Both boys and girls football teams competed in the school leagues and mini 7's.  For a number of the pupils, it was their first time playing on the school team, so well done to all.

We thank all sport coaches who have been with us and for their contribution to sport in our school.

3rd class pupils have just completed their swimming course.

In the new year we will continue to work towards getting an active flag.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in physical exercises daily during playground breaks.  Pupils are encouraged to walk and run on our Slí na Sláinte track as fun physical activities.  Active stations are laminated on walls of both playgrounds to encourage pupils to engage in exercise. The children enjoy playing traditional playground games which are painted onto the yard.  A walk and talk policy has been successful in increasing the amount of physical exercise the pupils engage in at breaktimes.  On wet days pupils engage in Bizzy Breaks and Go Noodle Dance Breaks in their classrooms organized by their teachers.

A Junior and Senior "Active Pupil of the Week" encourages and rewards the schools active school events.

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Well done to pupils in all classes who prepared and donated a shoebox full of interesting and useful items to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Book Fair

We had a very successful book fair in the school in November.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support to the school this first term and to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

 October Newsletter 2016 




Mid Term reak runs Monday october 31st to Friday November 4th (Inclusive)

School closes this Friday 28th October at the usual times and will re-open on Monday November 7th.

Back to School Mass

On Friday September 23rd, Fr. Gear PP celebrated a special "Back to School" Mass with all staff and pupils.  Fr. Gear visited each classroom to bless the school bags.  We thank Fr. Arthure for his regular visits to our school.


Confirmation is on Wednesday 26th April at 10.30am

First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday 13th May 2017


It has been a busy month in Sport.  Coaches from Coláiste Cathal Naofa have come back to us for the year and we are all enjoying the soccer sessions at the moment.

We were delighted to welcome back past pupil Niall Fives who was joined by 4 of his team mates from the U21 All Ireland hurling team. They spent time speaking to the children and signing autographs.

We also had a surprise visit form past pupil Jayson Molumby who now plays with Brighton Hove Albion.

The boys and girls school football teams had 2 matches during the month against Lismore and Ballymacarbry.  Both teams gave their all and we encourage everyone to keep up the football as there has been a huge improvement since September. the mini 7's in football will be coming up in November.

Lunch time coaching takes place for boys and girls under the direction of their enthusiastic coaches Mr. Casey and Ms. Feeney.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons for pupils in 3rd class will run for six consecutive weeks from Wednesday November 9th to Wednesday December 14th.

Active Schools

We celebrated European Week of Sport in September.  Classes engaged in "Move on Monday" and "Walk on Wednesday" exercises.  Pupils from 5th/6th Class engaged in "Challenge the Teacher" on Friday. It was great to see the pupils using Slí na Sláinte for walking and running exercises. The first Active School Committee meeting for this school year was held recently.


Tin Whistle lessons will resume after Halloween for pupils 3rd-6th Class.

The school choir will resume practice after midterm break and the pupils of 3rd class are invited to join this very musical group.

Credit Union Art Poster Competition

Perhaps it wasd the theme "Dreams are made of this" that atrtracted our pupils.  In any case, a record number of entries were submitted for the annual Credit union Art Poster Competition.  Best of luck to all entrants!!!!

Sale of Work

This year our annual Sale of Work will take place on sunday 27th Nvember in the School Hall.  Our Parents Committee are already haard at work in their preparations.  We ask you to start gathering, toys, books, bric-a-brac (all in good condition)

Visit from the Red Cross

On Monday 26th September, 2 members of the Irish Red Cross came to our school.  ?During the day, they facilitated workshops for the children in classes 2nd - 6th.  The children learned how to administer CPR, how to help someone who is choking and they got to see at first hand the interior of an ambulance. After school, the Irish Red Cross members provided First Aid training for the Staff.

Team Hope Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

We have asked all classes to participate in the Christmas Shoe Box appeal this year, please return filled shoe boxes immeditely after the Mid-Term break.  For further information on what goes into shoeboxes and where they go please visit the Team Hope Website on

Green Schools

This year we commence working towards our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity.

On Friday  October 21st Senior Infants went on an Eco-Safari to Glenshelane Woods as part of the Eco-Rangers Bord na Mona initiative.  In taking part we hope to get the children back outside and enjoying nature.  Senior Infant pupils carried out a variety of activities on their woodland trail and filled out their woodland log book on the way around the woods.

Their trail began by using their senses to explore around them, identifying things theycoudl see, hear, smell and touch.  The pupils used magnifying glasses and searched for minibeasts. They discovered lots of interesting plants like ferns, ivy and even toadstools.  The pupils did leaf rubbings and identified native Irish trees.  The pupils really enjoyed exploring the woodland habitat.

Maths Week

Maths week at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin ran form Monday 17th October until Friday 21st October.

Friday october 21st was designated "Maths Fun Day".  On this day, Maths lessons followed a different format with games and challenges replacing pencil and paper.  Some of the initiatives included Maths Trails, Maths stations and fun games.


Over the past 2 weeks the children from Le Chéile, Senior Infants, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class have visited Cappoquin Library where they have participated in a variety of educational workshops.  During summer 2016, a summer reading challenge was organised in libraries across the county.  A very enthusiastic group of children from Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin took part in the challenge.  They were presented with certificates and medals in recognition of  their effort by local librarian Sheila Curtin.

Book Fair

We will be holding a Book Fair in the school during the week 14th - 18th November.  Pupils and parents will hae the opportunity to purchase books at the Book Fair.

History Projects

History Projects from 4th/5th class will be on display in Cappoquin Library over the Halloween Break.  they include projects on local history and places of historical interest in other parts of Ireland.  The projects showcase the innovation and enthusiasm of the pupils in 4th/5th Class.

School Re-Opens on Tuesday 30th August 2016.......

School Sports Day

This year the annual Sports Day turned into a two day event much to the delight of all involved.  On Monday. 20th June, the children from each class took part in a number of team games including volleyball, badminton and soccer.  The children also completed a circuit of nine stations organised by Mr. Casey.  Thanks to Michael Looby for use of the Astro Turf.

On Tuesday, the sports theme continued.  Everyone spent the morning on the school pitch and engaged in a wide variey of activities, such as wellie throwing, obstacle courses, sack races, potaot and spoon races, skipping, hula hooping and much, much more.  In the afternoon, there was a penalty shootout in which the 6th class pupils tested their skills against those of the staff and everyone was treated to a very welcome ice-lolly.  A special word of thanks to Ms. Feeney and Mr. Casey for overseeing this wonderful two day event.

School Tours June 2016

All the pupils at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin went on an annual school tour and this year these are the wide range of destinations they travelled to:-

  • Junior & Senior Infants - Run Amuck Tramore

  • 1st Class - Leahy's Open Farm

  • 2nd Class - Trabolgan

  • 3rd - 6th Class - Let's Go Activity Camp - Waterford

  • Le Chéile - Millenium Park and playground Lismore

Green Schools

We received our 4th Green Flag at the green schools award ceremony which was held in Kilkenny on the 10th of May.  Over the last 2 years the Green Schools Committee along with all the pupils have been working very hard to achieve their Green flag for travel.

Our 4th Green Flag for travel was raised by Uachtarán Cumann Lúchchleas Aogán O Fearghail and the members of the Green Schools conmmittee onhis recent visit to our school.

Bike Week took place on 11-17th June.  We held a Bike Day on Tuesday June 14th and lots of activities took place throughout the day.  As part of Bike week we received funding from Waterford Couty Council to the value of €330.  This money was used to fund prizes for a poster competition with winners selected from each class.  First prize in each class was a helmety and 2nd prize was a bike lock.  We also had a raffle of a bike voucher to the value of €200.  A whole school assembly took place where prizes for the poster competition were presented to the winners as well as a special draw for those who cycled to school as part of our COW Day (Cycle on Weekday).  In the afernoon from 4th - 6th class took plart in bike maintenance workshops with Jans Van Deven who is the Green Scholls Travel Educational Officer.

Fund Raising

Sponsored Walk

This annual event took palce in glorious sunshine on Thursday June 2nd in Glenshelane Wood.  There was a wonderful turnout of parents and pupils.  Well done to our hard-working parents committee for their excellent organisation and for ensuring an enjoyable everning for all.

Afternoon Tea

Our Afternoon Tea took place in our school hall on Thursday June 16th, organised by the parents of the pupils in our ASD unit in conjunction with the parents committee.  Delecious cakes and treats were sapled by all and antertainment was provided b our school band, the Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin Set Dancers and the 3rd/4th Class Travel Rap.  Thank you to all who supported and generously donated.

Farewell to 6th Class

The 6th Class Graduation Mass tpook pl;ace on Friday June 17th.  Thank you to Fr. Gear for celebrating Mass with 6th class pupils, their parents and school staff.  We would like to wish 6th class all the best as thety move forward to secondary school and thank them for their contribution to school life over the past 8 eyars.  We also thank them for their hard work and leadership during their final year in Primary Schhol.


Well done to all the pupils who represented the school in the final for the Friary Athletics on Thursday May 19th. Best of luck to all those going on to the County Final shortly.

Bake Sale for Le Chéile Class

On Thursday 28th April Ms. Keating's 4th & 5th classes and Ms. Roche's 4th class were busy preparing delcious treats for their Bake Sale. 4th & 5th Class pupils kindly organised a Bake Sale to raise funds to purchase resources for the Le Chéile class in our school. On the morning of the Bake Sale ,pupils came to school Laiden down with delecious treats.  They decorated the schoolhall with blue decorations and blue balloons.  They set up tables and priced all the beautiful goodies that were for sale.  Junior Infants were the first class into the hall to purchase and all other classes then streamed into the hall.  It was a fantastic afternoon and well done to all pupils who organised this fund-raising event. they raised a total of €560.


It is a busy term in sport.  Well done to the girls camogie team and their coach Ms. Feeney who have qualified for the Western Final.  The girls beat Abbeyside on a score of 3 -2 to 1 - 0.  The girls have shown great iprovement over the term and we wish them all the best for the final.  The boy's team played Lismore and Ballymacarbery and represented the school with pride.  Unforrtunately, we came up against two very strong teams on both days.  Earlier in the term the boys recorded a good win against Ardmore in the Mini-7's and the signs for the future are bright.

Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week took place from 25th to 29th April.  during the week, each class took part in a variety of activities.  These included walking, striding or jogging around te school pathway kown as "Slí na Sláinte" and completing a circuit of challenging exercise stations on a daily basis.  On Thursday, April 28th,pupils and staff assembled in the school hall.  There, they were treated to a rendition of the "Keep Healthy and Fit Rap" composed and performed by 3rd and 4th class pupils.  Next, everyone practised the dance moves that accompany the song "Macarena".  Finally, the doors of the hall opened and in walked one of Waterford's famous hurlers, Shane Fives.  He spoke to the pupils about the importance of being active and about ways to maintain health and fitness.  Aword of sincere thanks to Mr. Casey and Ms. Lyons, who co-ordianted Active School Week at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.  It was a tremendous success.

Green Schools

Two pupils, one from 3rd Class and one from 4th class both representatives of the Green Schools Committee at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain, travelled to Kilkenny to the Green Flag Award Ceremony which was held in Hotel Kilkenny.  They were accompanied by teachers, Ms. Kiely and Ms. O'Brien.  When they arrived at the hotel, they met lots of pupils and teacers from other schools. Everyone was treated to a lovely lunch before the official ceremony began.  In total 54 schools from all over the country were presented with Green Flags. Our representatives were collecting our 4th Green Flag in recognition of the super effort made by everyone in the school community to promote greener ways of travelling. What a worthy achievement!

Open Morning for New Entrants

An open morning for New Entrants and their parents will take place on Saturday April 23rd 2016 commencing at 10.00am.  This is an excellent opportunity to visit our school, view the facilities, meet staff and get answers to questions and queries.

Proclamation Day

Cappoquin Primary School

15th March 2016

Pancake Tuesday 9th February 2016

5th Class pupils celebrate Grandparents Day in the school with their Grandparents as part of Catholic Schools Week.

Christmas Newsletter 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all associated with Cappoquin Primary School a very happy Christmas and every best wish for 2016.
Bríd Duggan & Staff.
All Pupils celebrated the birth of Jesus in song  and story in the school hall on Thursday Dec 17th. 2nd class pupils performed "The Mystic Nativity" in the Parish Church on Friday December 18th, they were accompanied by the Youth Choir.
The Parents Committee would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all who supported the School with our annual Sale of Work.  to each and every one of our sponsors we thank you.  We called on many people to help with various jobs, and received fantastic support.  The generosity of all is very much appreciated.  In keeping with tradition, pupils from 6th class organised a very successful mini Sale of Work in the school for all pupils.  The mini Sale was hugely enjoyable, bargains were snapped up quickly and the home baking of 6th class pupils was simply delicious.
The Christmas holidays give a much needed opportunity to put the feet up and recharge the batteries after a busy term in sport.  Both boys and girls football teams competed in the school leagues and the mini 7's.  For a number of pupils, it was ther first time playing on the school team, so well done and keep up the effort and training in the new year.
Well done to all pupils in the school who prepared and donated a shoebox full of interesting and useful items to the Shoebox appeal.
This year our school did extremely well at the Credit Union Art competition with a very high standard of art work.
On Friday November 20th we held a non-uniform day for the West Waterford Autism Society.  A total of €200 was raised for which we thank you most sincerely.

Minister for Education visits Cappoquin Primary School.


Some occasions on the annual school calendar become firmly etched into its history. The recent visit of Minister Jan O'Sullivan to Cappoquin Primary School is one such occasion.

Thursday 5th November dawned dull and grey.  Nothwithstanding the inclement weather, the interior of Cappoquin Primary School was ablaze with colour.  The walls of the hall and corridor wre adorned with a wide variety of the children's art and project work, an air of anticipation was palpable.  The students were assembled in the school hall looking spruce and smart in their uniforms.  Promptly, the group of dignitaries entered the hall, escorted by the pupils of 6th class, and made their way to the stage.  Musical accompainment was provided by Ms. Keating and Aoibhinn O'Rourke.  When everyone was seated, Mrs Duggan opened proceedings by welcoming the Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O'Sullivan to our school.  Mrs. Duggan noted that this was very significant because it was the first offical visit of a Minister for Education to a Primary School in Cappoquin.  The Minister was presented with a number of gifts to mark her visit.  They included a bouquet of flowers, a hamper of local produce and a resume of the school's activities in booklet form.

Minister O'Sullivan then addressed the audience.  She complimented the children on their art and project work and said that she was delighted to have the opportunity to visit such a fantastic school.  She urged to children to keep up the good work.  Next. Mr Denis McCarthy, chairperson of the Board of Management, thanked the Minister for coming, he noted her commitment to further improving education, referring in particular to the forthcoming extension which has been santioned for the school and which will house the ASD unit.

Following a photo shoot, Minister O'Sullivan unveiled a plaque, mounted in the main hall, in memory of her visit.  She called in to meet the children in the Junior Infants and Senior Infants, she then walked along the main corridor and inspected the site designated to accommodate the ASD unit.

Finally, it must be said that Minister O'Sullivan gained a special place in the hearts of all the children when she anounced that Thursday was to be a homework free day.

Yes, Thursday November 5th 2015 was a morning we shall not forget!!

Halloween fun in Cappoquin Primary School

6th Class pupils from Cappoquin Primary School who won 1st Prize in the Blackwater Community School Halloween Fun Quiz.

Well done..........

Pupils from 4th & 5th Classes along with Class Teacher Miss. Keating who were debating the motion

"Should School Uniforms be mandatory"

Summer Reading Challenge

Pupils from all classes who received their certificates and medals for taking part in the Summer Reading Initiative which took place in our local library over the Summer holidays.  This initiative was organised by our local librarian Bernie Leahy for whom we thank most sincerely. Our pupils really enjoyed visiting their local library during the Summer months and we actively encourage all our pupils to join their local library.

Bernie presented each child who participated in the Summer Reading Challenge with a medal and a certificate in the School hall on Monday October 5th.

1916 - 2016 Centenary Celebrations

Thursday September 17th was a very special and historical day for the staff and pupils of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.  Three members of Óglaigh na hÉireann, the Defence Forces of Ireland visited our school to present to us a National Flag and a copy of the 1916 Proclamation as part of the Governments Initiative to mark it's centenary.

The ceremony commenced with a Guard of Honour by 6th Class pupils, leading the Defence Force Team to the school hall.  The Defence Forces gave the children an account of the 1916 proclamation and its significance and informed them of flag protocols and how we should care for our National Flag.  The Defence Forces answered questions posed by the pupils

The National Flag and 1916 Proclomation were presented to four pupils and two pupils presented the Defence Forces team with a scroll to mark this historical day.

Members of the Board of Managment were present and Board Chairperson Denis McCarthy thanked everyone.  The wall just inside the entrance to our school will be dedicated for this school year to the 1916 centenary.

The proceedings of the morning finished with staff & pupils singing of the National Anthem "Amhráin na bhFiainn".

School Principal Bríd Duggan leading members of the Defence Forces into

Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin, Cappoquin

Saidbh Duka and Danny Costin reading a piece from the

1916 Proclamation.

Ally Costin and Araan Duka receiving a copy of the 1916 Proclamation for the School.

Sean O'Rourke and Abbie Prendergast receiving the Irish Flag which was also presented to the school.

A sample of the pupil's Art Work which was done in preparation of the visit of the Defence Froces.

Members of the Defence Forces with School Principal Bríd Duggan

School Principal, Bríd Duggan with members of the Defence Forces along with Board Chairperson Denis McCarthy and Board members Celine Fives and Gráinne Lommano.

September Newsletter 2015

We welcome all our pupils back to school after the summer holidays.  Thank you for ensuring that your children are wearing full school uniform and that all bags, lunchboxes, jumpers, coats, pencil cases etc are clearly labelled and identifiable as belonging to your child.  To our 20 new Junior Infants a warm welcome to each of you........

Abbie Uniacke O'Connor, April Curtin, Ben Rooney, Cathal Uniacke, Charlotte Garvey, Cian Wilkinson, Clodagh Cahill, Ellen O'Donnell, Fabien Dudek, Fabien Wojda, Finlay Miles, Fionn O'Connor, Grace Mclaughlin, Hazel Collender, Hollie Cahill, Jay Sheehan, Leah Geoghegan, Oliver Reszel, Stephanie Sheehy and William Scanlan.



















We wish a very warm welcome also to the following pupils who have joined "Le Chéile" class in our school....

Charlie Murphy, Gerry Cremins, Katie Forrest, Patrick Deans and Riccardo Sacco.


We also welcome the following pupils who have joined other classes in our school.....

Alex Nolan, Juliann O'Reilly, Lily Cullinan, Casey Shoa Hassani and Ramel Quilacio.


Lovely to see you all settling in so well. 


Our Staffing Allocation for 2015/2016 is as follows:-

  • Principal                                            Bríd Duggan

  • Learning Support                              Mr. James Casey

  • Resource Teacher                            Ms. Leonie O'Brien

  • Junior Infants                                    Ms. Kiely

  • Senior Infants                                   Mrs. Caroline Price

  • Le Chéile Class                                Mrs. Eilish Curran

  • 1st Class                                           Mrs. Maria Moore

  • 2nd Class                                          Ms. Máire Kearney

  • 3rd/4th Class                                     Ms. Laura Roche

  • 4th/5th Class                                     Miss Mary Keating

  • 6th Class                                           Miss Breda Feeney

  • Visiting Learning Support                  Ms. Anne-Marie Moloney & Ms. Mary Harte

  • Special Needs Assistants                 Olivia O'Daly, Mary Guiry, Deirdre Cahill, Therese Walsh and Mary O'Brien.

  • School Secretary                              Mary Casey

  • School Maintenance                         Mary Flynn, Lois Crotty and Bridie Hennebry


The school extends a warm welcome to Mrs. Maria Moore and Miss Mary Keating who have joined the teaching staff.


School Board of Management

Chairperson - Denis McCarthy, Secretary - Bríd Duggan, Treasurer - Celine Fives, Board Members - Fr. Arthure, Gráinne Lommano, John McGrath, Eamonn O'Shea and Eilish Curran.


Parents Committee

Chairperson - Mark Mason

Secretary - Debbie Curtin

Treasurer - Denise Meaney

along with parent representatives from each class in the school.


School Timetable

In accordance with Insurance company regulations every Primary School must notify parents regarding official timetable each year.  We draw the attention of all parents/guardians to the school's opening and closing times.

1st - 6th Class 9.05am - 2.45pm

Junior & Senior Infants 9.05am - 1.45pm

Junior & Seniior Infants are accompanied to side gate by class teacherat 1.45pm.  Occasionally a parent may request another parent/relative to collect a pupil from the school.  to avoid confusion for the child, this change must be conveyed in writing to each child's class teacher. 



Under the Education Welfare Act the school must inform an Education Welfare Officer is a child missies 20 days or more in the school year.  Due to these regualations parents are asked to record reason for child's absence at the back of the child's homework diary.  As Junior /Senior Infants do not use a homework diary, parents are asked to send in a written note to their class teacher re abasence.


School/Home Contact

Contact between home and school is very important.  Formal Parent/Teacher meetings will be arranged during the school year.  If a parent wishes to meet with  teacher at any other time please write a note to class teacher in a sealed envelope.  An appointment will then be organised for you to meet your child's class teacher.

Parents are asked to notify class teacher in writing in the following cases.

  1. When a child is being collected by a parent for any reason i.e. dental appointment etc.

  2. for non-completion of homework.

  3. when school uniform is not worn by a pupil.

All Parents/guardians who wish to collect a child early i.e. clinic/appointment etc must sign out child at school office.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

School operates a text-a-parent service.  Please ensure that the contact mobile number supplied to the school is accurate and up to date.


School Uniform

All Pupils are adked to wear full school uniform i.e. crested jumper, navy skirt/pinafore, school shirt, school tie and navy school pants.  pupils are asked not to wear tracksuit pants in lieu of school uniform pants. thanking all parents for your co-operation in snsuring that all our pupils wear our full school uniform with pride and distinction.


Code of Behaviour & Discipline

Every member of the school community has a role to play in the implementation of the School's Code of Behaviour & Discipline.  School rules and playground rules are listed in each child's diary and we ask all parents to discuss these with pupils.  Our emphasis is on promoting positive behaviour and instilling a sense of respect in  our school culture which leads to a safe and nurturing learning environment for all our pupils.


Healthy Lunch Policy

Our school is committed to promoting healthy lunches.  No chewing gum, crisps, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks please.



Parents are asked to be vigilant and to check children's hair on a regular basis.  By working together we can keep this problem at bay in our school.



We again reming people who are collecting pupils after school to keep "Bus Only" areas free for school buses to park in.  No parking also in yellow boxes in front of school gates at any time, this area has to be kept clear at all times to allow emergency services access the school if required.



PE days for Junior & Senior Infants takes places every Wednesday.  1st - 6th Class every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Pupils to wear plain navy school tracksuit and runners on these days.  Occasionally, visiting sports coaches will visit for coaching sessions on other days of the week.  Pupils will be notified in advance by ther class teaher so that tracksuits may be worn on these days also.



Swiming Lessons for pupils in 4th & 5th Class will commence on Wednesday November 11th and will run for 6 weeks up to Wednesday 16th December.



A course of hurling/Camogie for this first term will commence on Tuesday September 15th and will run until December.  This initiative has been organised by the Camogie Association of Munster Council.

Visiting coaches from Colaiste Cathal Naofa will visit our school on Wednesday's to coach in a variety of sports.  This is for all classes.

Barry Dunne will be with us for 3 Football Sessions this term

Football training for the girls will take place every Monday and Wednesday at lunch time.

Football training for the boys will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch time.



Pupils from 3rd - 6th Class are encouraged to join the school choir.  Chor practice takes place weekly.

Tin Whistle classes will commence in 2 weeks time for pupils in 3rd - 6th class as part of the music curriculum being taught in our school.  Details will be given to these clases shortly.


Saving Stamps

Each Friday, pupils may purchase €1 An Post Savings Stamps in the school.  this is a very successful venture between the school and the local Post Office and we actively encourage regular savings.  Please enquire in Cappoquin Post Office about seting up a savings account for your child, as this is necessary for your child to participate in the savings scheme.


Used Clothes Collection

Irish Clothing Collections will be in the area on Tuesday 6th October.  If you have any unwanted cloths etc please bring them to the school anytime before 9.00am on Tuesday 6th October.  This has proven to be a very worthwhile fundraiser for our school in the past.



Pupis in 2nd Class and 6th Class will be preparing during this year for the Sacrament of First Penance, Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Dates of same will be isued as soon as they become available.  A sincere thank you to Fr. Arthure and Fr. Kiely for their spiritual guidance and support to our school.













End of year round Up




School Sports Day


From early morning on Wednesday 17th June, the school was a hive of Activity; Ms. Feeney and Mr. Casey were busy setting up a variety of stations on the school pitch. The stations were adorned with weird and wonderful items ranging from potatoes to clothes pegs and all of these items had a specific purpose.  The reason for such equipment? Yes, you guessed! it was Sports day at Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin.  Each class got the chance to participate in a myraid of stations ranging from wellie throwing and obstacle courses to clothes pegs on the line, races and volleyball.  The children also took part in three activities facilitated by the local soccer coaches.  Working through all of the stations took up the whole school day.  The aim of the Sports Day was participation by all and this was indeed achieved.  The resounding verdict on the day was that it was the best day ever.  And the fun did not end there! During the afternoon of Sports Day, each class lined up to receive an ice-cream wafer.  The children's euro donations will go to support Down Syndrome Ireland. What a delicious way to quench thirst and to end what had been deemed a wonderful day!


Library Visits

Regular visits to the local library in Cappoquin have become an integral part of school life in many classes at Bunscoil gleann Sidheáin.  The experience has helped to deepen the children's interest in reading.  Heartfelt thanks to our local librarian for encouraging our students to visit the library and for providing requested reading material.


School Garden

The 3 sections of the school garden are looking good!!  2 of the beds are full of healthy vegetables; carrots and heads of lettuce and cabbage are in abundance.  The flower bed is awash with colour and is being carefully looked by our Junior Infant pupils.



It had been a very busy monty for sport in our school.  We would like to thank James Lacey and Donal O'Rourke for their very enjoyable hurling coaching sessions with all classes.  All classes have had the benefit of soccer coaching sessions organised by Michael Looby and the coaches from Cappoquin Soccer Club led by Ciaran O'Mahoney.  We thank them for their contribution.  The lunch time leagues have concluded in football and we would like to thank Billy Tobin and Magoo for their contribution during the year to the promotion of GAA in our school.


Green School - Park & Stride

On Wednesday 17th June a whole school Park & Stride was held.  Teachers, pupils and parents assembled in the community centre.  The pupils were given hi-vis vest and organised into their class groups.  Ms. Kiely and Junior Infants led the way as wel all walked to school together.  It was a wonderful success with a total of 153 pupils participating.  it was a great way top begiin our sports day.  We will continue tour hard work in promoting green ways of travelling to school in the next school year inorder to achieve our 4th Green Flag for transport/travel.


Open Infant Evening

On Wednesday June 10th an open evening was held in our school for new entrants and their parents.  Both pupils and parents enjoyed the opportunity of seeing the Junior Infant Classroom and school facilities and also meeting with staff members.  We look forward to welcoming our new Junior Infants in the new school year.



We bid farewell to Mrs. Cathy Breen, shared resource teacher in our school and wish her well for the future.  Also, good luck to Ms. Emma O'Connor who was part of the staff for the final ter.


Wedding Bells

We extend our good wishes to Senior Infant Teacher, Ms. Caroline Power, who is getting married during the summer break.  Congratulation and best wishes to you.


Cappoquin Primary School Notes - May 2015

The pupils of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin have been very active since returning to school after the Easter Holidays.  Here is a snapshot of some of the activities that have kept us busy.


School Sports


It's been a very busy two weeks in Cappoquin Primary School with sport.  The school's boys and girls played Lismore in the hurling.  Both teams played their hearts out.  Cappoquin boys now face Ballymacarbery in the next round.  the Cappoquin girls are through to the semi-finals.

School hurling leagues have started this week with boys and girls from 1st to 6th classes all competing.  A big thank you to Billy Tobin and Michael "Magoo" Murray for helping out and to Ms. Feeney for organising the leagues.

Mrs. Curran has gathered together all of her runners for the athletics night in Friary Dungarvan.  Best of luck to all who have qualified.

For the coming weeks, James Lacey will be taking all classes on thursdays for hurling which we are all looking forward to.

Thanks to the Coláiste Cathal Naofa coaches who completed their coaching sessions.


Green School Notes


On Thursday 16th April the senior members of the Green Schools committee went on a walk down town with Darra from the Green School and our teacher Ms. poer.  We wanted to find a suitable location that could be used for park and stride to help us get our third Green Flag for transport.  Darra gave us a lovely set of Hi-vis vests, even pink ones for the girls.  Everyone had a job.  Amelia dn amy had to record the good things we saw on route llike the pretty flowers as well as the bad things like the cracks in the footpath.  conor had a stopwatch and had to time how long it would take us to walk there and back.  Emma did a trael survey and counted the dirrerent types of transport that were using the road.  Sam had a tape mesure at hand to measure the width of the footpath in a few places along the way.  We walked as far as the community centre and decided that it was the safest place fro park and stride as there was a zebra crossing and it only took us ten minutes to get to school.  When we returned to school we filled out a score sheet to see how suitable it would be to use the community centre as a park and stride location.  Overall we scored 23 out of 30 which was very good.  We will all be workinghard to try and travel to school in a green way i.e. walking, cycling, coming on the bus, carpooling or park and stride.


First Holy Communion


Preparations for a very special day are well underway. The choir members are rehearsing, the 2nd class children are working hard and the tasks have been assigned.  The 20 communion candidayes will receive their First Holy Communion on Saturday, 9th May.  Hopefully the sun will shne brightly!!


School Choir


Our school choir are currently preparing for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion on Saturday May 9th, under the direction of Mrs. Duggan and Ms. Roche.


County Final Success.


Congratulations to five pupils in our school on winning the County Final of Scór na bPáistí in the Ballad Group Session.  they gave wonderful musical renditions of "Slán Abhaile" and "Péigí Leitir Mór".  Comhghairdeas to Isobel Cunningham, Rachel Casey, Hannah O'Connell Barkley, Aoibhinn O'Rourke and Lucy Cunningham.


Library Visits


Go raibh maith agat to Local librarian, Bernie Leahy for facilitating libray visits for our school.  At present pupils from Senior Infants, and 5th and 6th class are availing of this great facility, while improving their reading skills and enjoying the library as one of our literacy initiatives.




Senior Infants have been working on the theme of "Water" as part of the Aistear programme.  This has involved sand and water activities, role play, construction and working on the i-pads.





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