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School Uniform

The following guidelines as per Board of Management.
All pupils are asked to wear full school uniform i.e. crested jumper, navy skirt/pinafore, school shirt, school tie and navy school pants.

Pupils are asked to wear plain navy tracksuit with light blue polo shirt and runners on P.E. days.

Healthy School Lunch Policy

Our School implements a healthy school lunch policy, thanks to the support and co-operation of all parents. 

The following foods are not allowed: -

 Cans/glass bottles of fizzy drinks, sticky bars,
sweets, chewing gum and crisps.
In tandem with this policy we operate a “Clean
Environment Policy” encouraging pupils to keep our
classroom, schoolyards and school garden tidy and
free of litter.
Due to stringent regulations re. washing out of cartons, cling film etc. we request that all pupil bring home empty juice cartons, cling film, sandwich bags, tin foil, yoghurt cartons, wrappings etc in their lunchboxes to be recycled and disposed of at home.
A Green Schools committee comprising of pupils from 1st - 6th classes operates in the school with the emphasis on keeping the school environs litter free.

Meeting with Parents

Any parent/guardian who wishes to meet with a teacher is welcome to so so, a request for appointment may be written either on a note or on pupils homework diary.  To maximise children’s learning time, phone calls to pupils and teachers during school hours are discouraged.

All pupils at Cappoquin Primary School are taught the Primary School Revised Curriculum.  Subjects which are taught are Irish, English, Maths, S.E.S.E. (History, Geography & Science), S.P.H.E. (Social Personal & Health Education), P.E., Arts Education(Drama, Music & Visual Arts) and Religion.







The Primary School Curriculum


A clear Homework Policy exists and all pupils from Senior Infants to 6th Class are asked to have a Homework Diary, which is to be signed regularly by parents.
Junior Infant Policy  - September - Christmas - No Homework
Terms 2 & 3 - Nightly Homework



Our school is involved in many literacy initiatives to supplement the work of each class curriculum. These include:

  • Team Teaching

  • Literacy Power Hour

  • Visits to Local Library

  • Paired reading

  • Shared reading

  • World Book Day



This year our school has purchased a lot of Maths resources and equipment to enable pupils to have a practical and hands on experience in Maths.  Maths initiatives include:-

  • Maths Week

  • Maths Workshops

  • Shared Teaching

  • Maths Trails



The "Grow in Love" curriculum is implemented in the Infant Classes.  We have regular visits to our school from our local priests.

An Ghaeilge​

Tá sé mar aidhm againn atmasféar Gaelach agus dearcadh dearfach a chothú sa scoil.  Mar sin, bainimíd usáid as nathanna cainte sa seomra ranga agus sa chlós go minic.

We wish to promote an Irish atmosphere and a positive attitude to Irish in our school.  Irish phrases and sentences are often used in the classroom and schoolyard.

School Choir/Music


The school choir of Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain is made up of pupils from 3rd - 6th class.  The choir sing at various ceremonies throughout the school year.  This year they had the pleasure of entertaining the Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan.  They also sang for members of the Irish Defence Forces who visited our school.  During the year the school choir attend musicals and operas.

The Tin Whistle is currently being taught in the school, a ceili band was formed in the school this year incoporating pupils from various classes.


Dental, sight and hearing tests are conducted at various ages by HSE personnel.  Parents are informed and their consent requested prior to administration of tests.  No pupil should carry medicines in school.  If it is necessary for prescribed medicines to be taken during the day, these should be administered by the Parents.  The Principal should be advised if your child needs to use an inhaler or suffers from any serious medical problems.

School visits and charges

A number of educational visits are organised during the school year for different class groups.  Parents are always given advance notice of proposed visits/tours.  The cost is calculated per child and parents are requested to return the remittance in a clearly labelled envelope.




Under the Education Welfare Act the school must inform an Education Welfare Officer if a child misses 20 days or more in the school year.  Due to these regulations parents are asked to record reason for child’s absence at the back of the child’s homework diary.  Parents of Junior Infants are asked to send in a note outlining a reason for absence to child’s class teacher. 

The National Education Welfare Board gives the following recommendations to parents in terms of how you can help your child to attend school regularly:-

  • Make Education important in your home  and let your child know it is not okay to miss school.

  • Listen to your child.  Be interested in his/her news about school and ask about what her or she is doing.

  • Help your child be proud of a good attendance record.

  • Build your child’s confidence by praising him or her when he or she does well.

  • Read letters and reports from the school and know the school rules.

  • Go to school meetings and get to know the teacher, staff and your child’s friends.

  • Don’t take family holidays during school term.

  • Be alert for reasons why your child may not want to go to school. 

  • If your child finds school work difficult, talk to the school right away.


Parents are asked to notify class teacher in writing in the following cases:

  • When a child wishes to leave the school for any reason i.e. dental      appointment etc.

  • For non completion of homework

  • When school uniform is not worn by a pupil.



Cyril the squirrel Savings Scheme
Cyril the Squirrel Savings Scheme is operated in the School in conjunction with An Post.  Children may purchase savings stamps in the school on Friday mornings at a cost of €1 each.



School Timetable

Morning Assembly in School Yard: 9.05a.m.


Junior & Senior Infants:  Classes:  9.05 – 12.30p.m.
                                               Lunch:  12.30 – 01.00p.m.
                                              Classes: 01.00 – 01.45p.m.


First – Sixth Classes:  Classes:  9.05 –  12.30p.m.
                                          Lunch:   12.30 – 01.00p.m.
                                          Classes:  01.00 – 02.45p.m


A Teacher accompanies Junior and Senior Infants to the school gate @ 1.45pm.

All children from the town are to be met at the school gate by a Parent or person designated by Parent at 1.45p.m

Bus spaces outside the school are strictly reserved for buses only. Parents are asked not to obstruct these spaces.  Pupils are given the following rules:

  •  Always wait on the footpath to be  collected.

  •  Use foothpath & pedestrian crossing.

  • Do not cross in front of traffic onto green area of roundabout.


Parent/Teacher Meetings


Parent/Teacher Meetings are held each year and cognisance is taken of the times suitable to both parents and the school.  Parents wishing to meet with a class teacher are welcome to do so by requesting an appointment in writing from ClassTeacher.

School Rules

Treat everyone with respect and courtesy at all times. Behaviour that interferes with the rights of others to learn and to feel safe is unacceptable.
Show respect for all school property and the property of others and keep the environment clean and litter free.
Wear your full school uniform
Have all books and required materials for school, work to the best of your ability and present assignments neatly.
Obey instructions of all staff.
Mobile phones are not permitted in school.
Be on time and attend every day unless there is a genuine reason for absence, in which case the school must be informed in writing by parent/guardian, stating the reason for absence.

Sport for all in Cappoquin Primary School


Swimming Lessons for some classes take place in the first school term every year.


Visiting sports coaches visit our school every year and pupils in all classses are trained in the skils of hurling/camogie, football, tag rugby, spikeball and soccer. 

Lunchtime training in hurling/camogie and football takes place on designated days throughout the school year.  Pupils get the opportunity to experience and participate in a range of sporting activities.  Each year the school takes part in a variety of competitions ranging from hurling and camogie primary school competitions, indoor and outdoor soccer, INTO Mini 7's hurling and camogie..


Pupils from 1st - 6th class have an opportunity to take part in the West Waterford primary Sports each year.


Gymnastics classes took place this school year for all pupils in all classes which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Movement and Dance

Movement and Dance form an integral part of the Physical Education curriculum in Primary School.  In recognition of this, all the children in Cappoquin Primary School have the chance to participate in a course of lessons in movement and dance.

This year we will be focusing on hip-hop and modern dance.

Annual Sports Day

Our annual sports day takes place in June, this is a fantastic fun-filled day for all classes with various sporting activities to suit all ages and abilities.

Active Schools Flag

We are in the process of achieving an Active School's Flag for the school.  This involves the whole school community become more active.  The pupils are encouraged to carry out physical exercises at breaktime and to participate in school sports.  Classes go on walks on the school premises and surrounds or participate in fun exercise activities with their teachers each week.  An "Active Schools Committee" has been formed with representatives from each class and they help to decide how we can become more active and healthy as a school community.


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